HomyWorks | Communication for New Work Style!!

Communication for New Work Style!!

HomyWorks is a communication tool for remote work. Unlike general chat tools, HomyWorks enable you to see your visual colleagues online. We will support you to make your team together with real team presence.

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HomyWorks Functions

(Benefit for the user)

Knowing the status makes easy with less stress

Pandemic changes the environment of work, Work-From-Home is essential for a company under the State of Emergency. HomyWorks will give the solution for this problem. Current status of your colleagues can easily be monitored as if you were inside the office in a normal situation. By visiting the Dashboard, you can inform the team of your status if you are far away from your desk, like you are in an online meeting, on break and offline. This will help your co-workers not to worry or be anxious and continue working with the rest of the team and it will give an advantage to the enterprise as they can continuously work without any interruption especially if we are in a state of calamity.

Notifying your situation

We have different situations where we need to accomplish a task even in a Work-From-Home setting. With this scenario, informing your situation in the Dashboard will help your co-workers who are far away from you. It will help you as well to know or get any unexpected calls specially when you are concentrating on your work. Dashbord has 7 types of status that will help to inform your current situation. First of all, to notify if you’re “On-line” and present on that day, others are “Online or in Other-meeting”, “Away of your desk”, “On break”, “Work-in-progress” which you don’t want to be disturb for an efficient output and “Off-line” if you were done on that day which you need to have your private time. All of these have different icons that inform the status of your work, particularly if you need to concentrate or focus, choose the icon of “Work-in-progress” and these will be known in the monitor via camera.

Variety of Digital Tools

HomyWorks provides the tools of communication you will need in a Work-From-Home setup. “Calls” icon makes you communicate in a voice to any online co-workers you need to coordinate as how you communicate in your office. “Chat-room” will let you communicate individually or in a group, such as Conference and Video conferencing (P2P applies to a multiple attendance), up to normal chatting-room we are using in several platforms. These are all integrated in one platform, HomyWorks which will help you to be free from complicated situations of using different platforms that all members need to make use in a smooth and orderly way of communication to do your daily work.

Express your feelings to your colleagues

HomyWorks stands as your mediator between your co-workers inside the office even if everyone is physically far from each other. It is an important role in an enterprise to execute the task for its interest and benefit to avoid an intermittent operation. With over 70 emoji icons, and a Tweet function will help you deliver messages, and variety stickers you can actively share expressing your feelings in a digital environment.

Your Privacy assurance

Function to blur the camera together by a photographic processing method with varieties choices of colors and more than 40 designs of frames will help to customize your needs developing your photo which will match your required assurance of your privacy working inside your house is available in HomyWorks.


(Benefit for the owner)

Easy to use!

HomyWorks supports several platforms. All you need is PC/Smartphone with a camera, microphone, and internet!

It's simple!

As long as you have access to HomyWorks, it will automatically renew the page. Individuals can focus on what they have to do without caring about it.

Slow internet No problem!

Internet doesn't have to be fast. Instead of video, compressed images will be updated automatically. HomyWorks works with slow internet!

Multiple functions!

  1. Blur yourself for privacy
  2. Voice/Video conference
  3. Tweet function
  4. Various status Emojis
  5. Various Photo Frames and Stamps
  6. Virtual Background and more....

Attendance management

Everyone's sign in/out are recorded. You can double check the past attendance record with staff's image.

Eveything is for free!

HomyWorks is free of charge! No credit card or complicated registration procedure required.

(Might change in future)

Price list


  • You can use fully function
  • 2-week time limit
  • Maximum user is 10


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  • You can use fully function
  • Maximum user is 10

$40 / month

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  • You can use fully function
  • Maximum user is 50

$120 / month

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  • You can use fully function
  • Maximum user is 150

$300 / month

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  • You can use fully function
  • Maximum user is 300

$600 / month

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Remote but close!

Working from home makes you so lonely. But you are not alone!! HomyWorks will make you connected and bring real team presence. You can see everyone's face and also their status by Emoji! Walkie-Talkie function will let you talk to anyone just like you are in the office!

The first step

Input e-mail address
(No complicated procedures to start)

How it works

Who is available?

HomyWorks let you know who is and who isn't at their desk. HomyWorks will update the latest photo automatically.

Don't disturb! or Hey, I need your opinion now!

If you need to focus on something, you can change your status to "don't disturb". If you need to talk to someone in urgent, you can send voice message to let your colleague recognize.

Avoid loneliness and keep motivated

Remote work's hard part is loneliness and that may cause you to lose motivation. HomyWorks will let you see everyone and create intimate office atmosphere. Each one can update status by emoji to show own mood.

Manage attendance!

If you are a manager, you will probably be worried if your staff is really working. HomyWorks allows you to know not only your staff's presence at his or her desk, but also the attendance recorded through sign-in and sign-out. The record will be kept for a certain period of time, so you can review the past records.

Supported Platforms


We support the following browsers.
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Other browsers may work as well.


For Windows (Windows7~)
Windows application


For MacOS (macOS 10.13~)
MacOS application


For iPhone/iPad (iOS 15~)
iOS application

For Android (Android 5.0~)
Android application